Team - PhotoSapiens | Heraklion, Crete - Greece


We are PhotoSapiens, a creative human-centered photo group whose goal is to take photos by creating settings in relation to the environment. Everything around us can be a stimulus to create ideas and images that differ from the ordinary ones. Our goal is to make photographic projects and concepts in collaboration with people from different social sectors, through periodic exhibitions, so as to help vulnerable social groups. At the same time, you can trust our team to undertake any photographic task and desire of yours.

It is enough for us to know that we are becoming useful through art, by taking a look at the world through the photographic lens.

spiros - Team

Spyros Androulakis

The creator of the team. In 2014, curiosity became an idea and the idea converted into a team. Not more than some friends, inspiration and spontaneity were needed to form a collective of creative people. Due to my profession, as a teacher, it is important for me that through PhotoSapiens, social awareness is raised for children in need.

konstantinos - Team

Konstantinos Sakkadakis

Member/link of the big human chain, created by the group of PhotoSapiens. With good mood and imagination, the right conditions are created for a different journey each time, where each member of the team plays his/her own role and has the freedom to experience this role in his/her own way. The result of this collective creation is usually aimed at sensitising and prompt to action our fellow citizens on issues that concern vulnerable social groups.

mara - Team

Mara Giamali

Greek nature is the source of my inspiration, where colours, aromas and feelings come alive. I am a professional photographer and my passion has taken me to the Highlands of Scotland, where the magic of the landscape made me stay for some time. Upon returning to my island, I joined the PhotoSapiens group, where by creating images for special people I express myself experiencing the aspects of human beauty in different landscapes and unique places.

gianna - Team

Gianna Kontaxaki

The reflection of images and sounds, the stimulation of the senses and the transfer of magic are few of the things we want to convey through cinematic art. Protagonist is the role of the video. Our years of experience in directing dance performances enables us to endow the animation with the artistic touch befitting every project.

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